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The cultural and Historical Complex of Saadabad covers an area of 110 hectares and is located in the ever refreshing foothills of Tochal and Darband. Saadabad is enclosed from the north to the Alborz Mountains, from the east to Golabdare, from the west to Velenjak and from the south to Tajrish.

During Qajar dynasty (1794-1925) this area was used as the summer palace of the Royal family and after the coup of 1921 by Pahlavi, it expanded to a greater area with the addition of new gardens and became the summer residence of the kings of Pahlavi dynasty (1925-1979), Reza Shah, Mohammad Reza Shah and their families.

Later, in different occasions, numbers of palaces and mansions were added to this collection. In Pahlavi era eighteen small and large palaces were built in Saadabad which they exhibit Iranian art and architecture. Sine 1979 revolution, this complex was turned into museum. Two palaces namely Nation (white) palace and Green palace are open to the public as palace museums and other buildings with regards to their specialty have been allocated for different kinds of exhibitions.

A work by Hans Dahl in Fine Arts Museum

There is a painting by Hans Dahl called “The summer in the farm” in Fine Arts Museum of Saadabad which is on exhibit at the first floor of this museum. Hans Dahl (19 February 1849 – 27 July 1937)....

A work by Edmund John Niemann in Fine Arts Museum

There is an elegant work by Edmund John Niemann at the European gallery of Fine Arts Museum of Saadabad. Edmund John Niemann (1813–1876) was a prolific and highly successful British landscape artist working mostly in oils. Nine of his painting. ....

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